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lines in a very old, probably long out-of-print prayerbook. 12 of the piano introduction. Although she does everything in her power to remain the chaste one, as the Greek derivation of her name implies, she can only do so at the expense of her sanity. 41 Mother to the little bee: beware of the candles ame!, the poem begins, but the bee does not heed the warning and dies in the. Schleiche so durchs Wiesental, So durchs Tal, Als im Traum verloren, Nach dem Berg, da tausendmal, Tausendmal Er mir Treu geschworen. Mörike thus demonstrates what poetry can do that a painting cannot; static in its two dimensions, the canvas presents itself to the eye all at once, whereas a poem unfolds over time. It is as if every other feeling but.

If there is an in 138 From Biedermeier erotica to n-de-siècle lied your face quality to the voicing of things sexual in his settings of Erstes Liebeslied eines Mädchens and Nimmersatte Liebe, one can imagine that the relish might have been in part compensatory. Marias penchant for fabricating glamorous but false life-histories for herself, her disappearance into obscurity after her youth was over, and Mörikes silence all conspired to ensure that her background remained shadowy for many years. 26 See Wilhelm Lang, Rudolf Lohbauer in Württembergische Vierteljahrsheft für Landesgeschichte (1896 14988. Exactly what Kaumann meant when he paid Cimarosa this chronologically inverted compliment is not certain, but one remembers that Suckelborst wins out over the Devil and thereby delights the gods; perhaps Kaumann meant to say something about the victory. 910, repeated almost literally. 3134 while the last echoes of the trumpets of judgment fade away. Es kommt der Zeit, da werden wir auch ferne weg Gezogen sein, den Garten lassend und das Haus. In the second half of the introduction (mm. He believed that certain poems had to await a later musical idiom for successful musical setting; implicit in that belief is acknowledgment of discrepancies, of dierence, but he also wanted to make audible as many levels of poetic meaning as he could grasp. 67, while the rst syllable is sustained across the barline.

How they fume the air with incense and torment the bells on the tower! But cadence rare in this song does not mean cessation of motion; this is the only cadence in twenty bars whose resolution is not elided with the beginning of another section (the other two cadential articulations lead. When she and Nolten bid each other goodnight, she asks him if it is true that the woman Elisabeth will never come again, but the gypsy does return soon thereafter to set the seal on an already catastrophic dénouement. Den Kern Alter und Neuer Lieder, Wie auch die Noten der unbekannten Melodeyen und dazugehörige nützliche Register in sich haltend (Halle: In Verlegung des Waysenhauses, 1741. In the swerve from a dutiful echo of orthodox doctrine to rejection of its minatory harshness is the voice of a soul Luther might well have considered damned.

Furthermore, this phrase circles within a a close tangent around God, that is, the neighbor-note pitches closest to the G with which He is named, while the piano has the more active role and the wider. The poets bright swarm of images, bathing in his breast like goldsh in a pond, became for the composer an inner swarm of musical ideas, and Wolf too lived in hope that new music would move and stir within him. However, this merry squib has a sad subtext in Wolf s inability to compose, due to a compositional block lasting from 1892 to 1895, hence the designation of himself as an unemployed or o-duty composer. Auf einen Cleversulzbacher Pfarrvikar is not included in the Gedichte of 1867 and was rst published in Mörike, Werke,. The composer inevitably reads Mörike from his (Wolf s) own view of desire between the sexes, his post-Wagnerian musical concerns, his wish to revise his predecessors. Mörike crowds an astonishing number of sexual metaphors into this poem while ensuring that we understand them as unsullied by any hint of darkness by reality, in other 130 From Biedermeier erotica to n-de-siècle lied words. The snow-white horse she rides is a multiply meaningful steed since horseback riding (although princesses would undoubtedly have ridden side-saddle, not astride or having a large animal in proximity to the genital area, has long had sexual connotations. Everything in the middle courtship, seduction, initial bliss, cooling-o, jealousies, suspicions is omitted, as if the tale were so commonplace that there is no need to tell it any longer; one can simply fast forward from attraction. 1316, banishing the processional rhythms altogether, we hear more mirrors, fragmenting or fusing what came before.


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The sudden alternation between loud and soft heightens the eect of breathlessness. Landschaftsmaler ( Dupré. (1855-1922 Graphiker siehe: Paul Gustave Doré (1833-1883 franz. Marinemaler siehe: George Price Boyce (1826-1897 engl. and composers did not ock to them as they did to the lament given her name in Mörikes anthology and the singular prayer Gebet (which Agnes does not sing, but speaks in one of her mad scenes a poem later. Frankfurt am Main: Fischer Verlag, 1988. The rst of these shifts occurs at the words Du rosenfarbs Hütlein to a patch of G major whose way has been paved by the G major chords in the rst half of the song Wolf need.

Falling unawares into imitation (in his case, of Goethe) was a constant threat; this fear was one he and Wolf shared, for all their dierences. This poem was rst published in the Jahrbuch für Kunst und Poesie,. Although he married Margarethe Speeth in 1851, jealousies between his sister Klara, who lived with them, and his wife eventually put an end to the marriage, while one of their two daughters died young. Susan youens, cambridge university press, viennese composer Hugo Wolf produced one of the most important song collections of the nineteenth century when he set to music fty-three poems by the great German poet Eduard Mörike. 1320 the prior progression reversed, B Ü to E Ü, and the former holiness, delity, and gold transmuted into re, sin, and death. See also Ruth Lüssy-Goetz, Der Dämonien-Ruf.

The dash at the beginning of stanza 3, line 4 seems a hieroglyph representing the brief time in which the bird obeys the heartbroken imperative Fly away, leaving the woman alone with her sad musings in the last two lines. Wolf s structure, with its unusual block-sectional repetitions, is crafted to the poetic content: the music of the introduction and stanza 1 provides the musical material for the rest of the setting in a design one. Auslegungen deutscher Gedichte,. (The intent to épater les bourgeois is, however, plain to see.) Here, Mörike avails himself of certain conventions of the deowering topos in order to make complicated use of them. What those semitone motives do is sour still more the increasingly chromatic harmonies to which they are attached, beginning with the otherwise diatonic D Ü major triads. Wie Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Łn Ł teu - er wollt Ł wollt Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł ich es pe Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł - gen! The dierences between the two cycles and speculation about Wolf s reduction of the poetic work to a dyad are the subjects of the latter half of the chapter. I shall glow with ery gliscam, / ne persentiscam / Dei ardor, that I may not come to know the ultimate pyre amantis, / rogos damnantis. 1 of the piano introduction three times in the postlude before continuing onward.

40 Mörike, Gedichte of 1867,. What most darkens and destabilizes the postlude is the alternation between G and G Ü that one has heard earlier throughout the rst and third stanzas. He was already averse to Romanticism in music, and he would become more so with age. By the end of the poem, Isaiahs questions are rhetorical; the music, unable to resolve endless pain, simply stops; and an Agnes convinced that no rescue is possible kills 96 The ctional misfortunes and musical fortunes of a nineteenth-century madwoman. The moon and stars garland the dark valley in light, lamps in the wedding hall, the tombstones gleam.

I (Stuttgart and Tübingen:. Was Wolf s setting perhaps in reaction to Brahms an unwriting. The indication drängend seems almost redundant for such built-in harmonic and rhythmic urgency. That A Ü major is never rmly established, that six-four chords are associated with longing 74 The ctional misfortunes and musical fortunes of a nineteenth-century madwoman elsewhere in the Mörike songs (as we saw in Peregrina II makes the diatonic. Die angeführten Tätigkeitsgebiete dagegen entstammen dem Küstlerlexikon von 1882. Hans Albrecht, Helmuth Ostho, and Walter Wiora. 44 Mörike, Werke und Briefe: Historisch-Kritische Gesamtausgabe, vol. Luise hated the book, wondering in her diary why such prodigal talents as Goethe seized on just one aspect of life, and truly not the purest side.

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In Luthers translation of Isaiah 21: 1112, one nds the immense cry:. Impressed, like so many, by her beauty, her religious instructor Melchior Kirchhofer helped her to obtain release from the work-house on, and she then left Schahausen yet again.18 It seems likely that Maria next went to Rheinfelden. See Ulrich, Eduard Mörike among Friends,. 2; Robert Emmerich,. Examples include the thousand-colored morning and the thousand streams of Harzreise im Winter (Winter Journey in the Harz Mountains the thousandfold riot of owers in Die Metamorphose der Panzen (The Metamorphosis of Plants lesbensex free erotisches erlebnis and the poem In tausend Formen. Wolf s pride in this lied is justied, but it is a detour from Mörike, and the speculative reasons for that detour are sad to contemplate. Published BY cambridge university press (virtual publishing) FOR AND ON behalf OF THE press syndicate OF THE university OF cambridge The Pitt Building, Trumpington Street, Cambridge CB2 IRP 40 West 20th Street, New York, NY, USA 477 Williamstown Road, Port Melbourne, VIC 3207, Australia mbridge. Jane Dunnett (Chicago and London: The University of Chicago Press, 1994). What fresh, youthful life breathed forth from these yellowed pages!

On the other hand, there was a symphony by Beethoven in C minor! The sweethearts mouth waters at the mere thought of honey, the bee declares; she is almost ripe for sexual pleasures and will soon develop a taste for a more adult kind of mouth-watering sweetness. What I write now, dear friend, I write for posterity too, he said not hyperbole, but statement of fact. Tübingen: Max Niemeyer Verlag, 1978. Metzler, 1971, facsimile of 1st edn., Leipzig: Weygand, 1776.

1) siehe: Hermann Corrdi (1844-1905 röm. Architekt siehe: Joseph Balmer (1828-1918 Historienmaler siehe: Jean Etienne Paul Balze (1815-1884 franz. 4 ends and the A Ü in the bass at the beginning. Tragik und Bildung: Eduard Mörikes Roman Maler Nolten in Kolbe, Goethes Wahlverwandtschaften und der Roman des. Wolf s famous act of citing the poet rst on his title pages (Gedichte von Eduard Mörike. I suspect we would not have gotten along well after all.25 He was probably right.

Never, one notes, is there an instant of silence anywhere in the accompaniment. Leipzig: Breitkopf Härtel, 1913. Taking up the mandoline, Agnes reminds Nolten of an occasion in the past when she had asked him if he was oended by her ignorance of the beautiful arts other women knew (music and ower-painting). In three subsequent editions, Mörike would revise, delete from, add to, and rearrange his anthology, culminating in the Ausgabe letzter Hand of 1867. Once I saw a dream of wonderful life, germinating gold in the deep earth, mysterious life-forces that oat in dark gorges, ominously known; it compelled me below, I could not withstand it, and below, as. Es war, als könnte man gar nicht reden. 17 beneath the words blinket wie Gold; the second. Wie schnell vorbei with composers; see Hans-Joachim Erwe, Musik nach Eduard Mörike, vol. 30 Mörike, Gedichte of 1867,. The burgeoning female readership for eighteenth- and nineteenth-century novels was often derided for lack of taste, for preferring frivolity and the sensational to serious literature, but male writers paid heed to the market and tuned their works accordingly.

With her admission of sick blood, chromatic tensions return in force, evident rst in the barrage of sighing gures in the inner voice but eventually permeating everything. The sonnet Und Wieder (these words could be Mörikes motto) in the 1832 novel was included in the manuscript collection Neue weltliche Lieder (New Secular Songs dated, under the title Verzweifelte Liebe (Despairing Love) and was rst published separately in Cottas. The piercing glance Noltens ghost casts on the living youth is full of misery; the incorporeal lips move, but without distinguishable words.49 Compressed in this fashion, the end of Mörikes novel sounds very grand-Guignol, complete with ghosts, a Fury-gure. I will never be able to nd happiness as a theologian, he told Luise Rau on (daß ich als Theologe mein Heil nimmermehr nden werde one notes the ironic use of the word Heil, which also means grace, salvation, redemption). Kaumann and Hugo Wolf. She is not wohl, and in bitter awareness begins to slip back to the harmonies of stanza. Winter, 1764 also Zwölf geistliche Oden und Lieder als ein Anhang zu Gellerts Geistlichen Oden und Liedern (Berlin: Winter, 1764). Shakespeare devised perhaps the most notorious shing metaphors in all of literature in the badinage between Cleopatra and her attendant Charmian in act 2, scene 4 of Antony and Cleopatra, just before the messenger enters to tell the. 11; David Friedrich Strauss, In Defense of my Life of Jesus against the Hegelians, trans. 124 in the Württembergische Landesbibliothek archives.

Wolf knew his poets source Eichendors Aus dem Leben eines Taugenichts (From the Life of a Good-for-nothing) was one of the composers favorite works and it is intriguing to speculate that he was perhaps aware of the poets project of revision. If it is speculatively possible that Wolf devised his setting of Agnes in part to correct what he found objectionable in Brahms, it is certain that he had Wagner in mind when he set Seufzer (Sigh) and Wo nd ich Trost? See Erwe, Musik nach Eduard Mörike, vol. Genre- und Historienmaler siehe: Eugen Frans de Block (1812-1893 holländ. Only the bees form is perfectly symmetrical, however, each segment being divided into two phrases and the second A section the exact length of the rst; the little creatures purpose and message are clear, contained, without the warping of proportions. Vermannigfaltigung in lyrischer Konzentration.

Bildhauer siehe: Karl Costenoble (1837-1907 Bildhauer siehe: Pierre Auguste Cot (1837-1883 franz. By itself, Mörikes Der Knabe und das Immlein is merry, sensual, honeysweet, and Wolf acknowledges every iota of its sweetness in his music, but by pairing it with Ein Stündlein wohl vor Tag, he bids the listener count the cost of such love in grief. Agnes exemplies the gure of the Hysterika or female hysteric in German literature, and Mörike carefully traces the etiology of her disorder throughout Maler Nolten.11 Living as he did in the wake of Enlightenment redenitions of many psychological disorders. Genre- und Porträtmaler siehe: Joseph Clark (1834-1926 engl. The rst line of stanza 2, Wär mir geblieben der Liebste treu, seems Münchs permutation of Mörikes line Wär mein Lieb nur blieben treu from Agness song Rosenzeit!

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